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Shameless plug for my Dad's book

Very long story short Dad and I are currently among the unemployed masses though I go in for job testing tomorrow.  Dad started writing the book to make some extra money.

Dad wrote up a book asking what it would be like to wake up suddenly and realize you're dead?  Dad then takes the journey looking over his life with his guardian angel.  It has a lot of humor in it and Dad's rather unique take on life.

The book is called "Memoirs of a Dead Guy" by Kent Hopkins.

From Barnes and Noble.

He's also currently writing up another one about Mom's battle with cancer. 

Anyone kind enough to help promote Dad's book gets a free invisible cookie and a discount to my Etsy shop.

Coming soon is another 1912 style dress.  It's made from vintage fabric that I found in Mom's fabric collection.  It's a really pretty white fabric decorated with flowers.

Also coming up is a new 1912 style dress that's based on a photograph of an ancestor.  It'll be a two piece dress and I am currently working on the draping.

Until next time:  The Emu rules you all!
Today in my e-mail I was greeted with this...
I believe the word you are looking for is "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Yes, that is a real fish and it really is called "sarcastic fringehead".  Here lies the most made fun of fish in history....

The All Mighty and nature have a weeeeeeeeeeird sense of humor.

Until next time:  Have fun frolicking in the ocean and imagining that lurking around!  Nighty-night.