A case for the flirty sandals

As a kid I never really had anything considered "fashionable."  Just about all of my clothes were hand-me-downs or Good Will finds, most to all of which were "last season."  I never complained about it as I was just grateful to have clothes that I could grow into.  We were so broke we couldn't go out and buy new clothes that were in style when I was a kid.  After I outgrew the clothes they either went to my cousins or someone in the family would cut them up to make quilts or doll clothes out of.  If at all possible nothing was wasted.

I suppose in a way that's why I enjoy historical costuming.  There was very little to no "over the top" and I can get away with a lot of things and still have it be fashionable.

After my knee injury wearing any shoes with a heel above two or two and a half inches will cause me to be in agony after just an hour.  I'll get knee and lower back pain though I believe the lower back pain is also due to the curve in my spine.

As I walk often I've gotten used to wearing tennis shoes and socks.  Good shoes for walking but not so nice when you're going somewhere.

At Payless shoes I found a pair of cute sandals for just nine dollars.  They're kind of like flip flops but have a strap in the back for your heel.  They also have some "bling" on them.  Having the bling was something new as very few of my shoes ever have had them.  The last time I had "fancy" shoes was when I was a kid and those were strictly church shoes.  I wasn't allowed to wear them any other time and I was allowed to have one pair a year as by that time I usually had outgrown them and they went to my cousins.  I had always felt special and pretty having those new shiny shoes.

As an adult in an awkward way it felt as if I were trying on someone else's wardrobe.  You know how when you try on something unique and something you may not normally wear how you feel a bit awkward and sometimes get a case of the giggles.  That's how it was for me, I felt a bit awkward and yet I really liked them at the same time.  So bought them I did.  The bling part sparkles quite nicely in the sunlight.  When they wear out I can cut off the bling stuff and use it for an art project.  Some habits never change.

Until next time:  Happy 4th of July all!


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