Goodbye, little friend

Sadly our little four pound cat Orca has passed on.  She was seventeen when she passed.  We believe she had kidney failure but the only good thing is she died very quickly.

She stopped eating and couldn't even stand up when I told Mom.

I took her to the vet, speeding the entire time as the freeway was empty, willing to risk a ticket for that little cat. Out of hurt Dad admonished me for speeding but thanked me for doing so.

Before we took her into the vet's room she tried sitting up and meowed at me. I scritched her one last time and with tears in my eyes I said it would be okay.

Thankfully she passed on before she could be put to sleep.  We had been really worried about her being frightened when receiving the needle.

Until next time:  I regret nothing I did and would do so again.


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