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On the to do list

The first two dresses I'm planning to make are the Titanic boarding suit and a reproduction Edwardian tea gown.

For the tea dress I only have my sketches which aren't scanned.  Sorry about that.
With help I can almost stand up straight.
Mom passed away this morning.

My appologies

I am sorryfor being so neglectful to this poor blog.

In November I fell and bashed both knee caps and my mother was diagnoses as terminal with leukemia.  She is currently very ill.  I am working on PT to heal and walk again.

Titanic and the Duchess

I got the pictures yesterday of my interpretations of the Titanic and Horatio Hornblower dresses.

I have uploaded them both to Etsy.

I have some children's clothes in the works.  I've been fortunate enough to find some period fashion plates which I can base the dresses on.

I also have some news to post but I'm running short on time so that will be shared next time.

Until next time:  Kittens never seem to grow in porportion.

Titanic deck dress

I completed my interpretation of the Titanic deck dress.  The camera didn't want to cooperate with me so I was only able to get one shot that I liked and that was by accident.  Mom said this weekend she'd try taking pictures of me in costume so more pictures are on the way!

Until next time:  I saw these escalators the other day and a quote popped into my head.  I forget who it was who said it but "the worst that escalators can become are stairs!  We apologize for the convience!"

Duchess bodice

I've completed the top to my Horatio Hornblower Duchess bodice.

The top is boned with quarter inch spiral steel boning.  The brown trim is taffeta and the rest of the dress is cotton fabric.

The bodice is very fitted so a mock up for any orders is required.  I had to modify my own several times and had to take it in because I lost weight.  It's one of those if you gain or lose a few pounds you will be modifying it.

It's funny how a hundred plus years ago the lining and actual fabric were treated as one piece which made for easier modifying.  Now we always hide the seams when we have lining.

All that's left to do is set the grommets in the back, pleat, and attach the skirt.

My other duchess bodice is temporarly on hold as I've run out of brown thread.

These dresses are detailed and very time consuming.  This will be one of my more expensive dresses but it has many options.  You can get as frilly or as simple as you want and it will still work.

Until next time:  The k…
I received the fabric for a client's dress a week ago and received the lace and trim the other day.

One of the dresses is going to be like the Titanic swim dress.  The underdress is going to be very similar but it will have lace overlays.

The other dress is going to be one based from a dress in my personal collection.  The dress itself is from around 1910 to 1915.  The lace on that dress is in desperate need of restoration that I hope to be able to get to.

Until next time:  Ever see a kitten with the energy of a litter of kittens?  Do you want to?

One of the most bizzare complaints I have ever received

I and a few others who apparently used silk in their items received messages from someone complaining that we were stealing silk from defenseless silkworms.  It went on to say that we should use cotton only because "no plants are harmed." 

I'm still trying to figure out if this person is a troll or is completely serious....

We live in a strange world my friends.

Until next time:  What do you say we go out back and pick some chips off the Doritos tree in the back yard?

Titanic officer's uniform

I'm almost done with the female version of the Titanic officer's uniform.  I have a pattern for a men's version but haven't gotten around to making it and I don't have any guys around who are there to model it.  It'll be in sketch for a while until I get a customer or someone who wants to model it.

I have to iron the dress, set in the sleeves, and sew on the buttons and then I'm done!

Already I've been asked if I'm going to make the tropics or the summer uniform.  I might get around to it one of these days.

Until next time:  If you want to see me wearing a white tropics/summer uniform raise my hand!

On the finish and to do list...

I apologize for the delay in blogging.Things have been most busy here and not necessarily in a good way.
On my “finish” and “to do” list are several projects.
I want to finish off my Duchess outfits from Horatio Hornblower:The Duchess and the Devil.
I’m also almost done with my Titanic deck dress.The belt is that all that remains.My searches for a good wheat pattern that’s on the real dress have been fruitless so I stuck with a wheat colored taffeta.Gotta love that swishing noise it makes when you move!;)
On the to do list after the Renaissance Faire is a breakfast dress as well as some other dresses from the movie.
What can I say?I’m a costume nut for that movie.
Until next time:Don't take life too seriously--no one makes it out in the end.


I have two close up pictures of my Duchess outfits from Horatio Hornblower:  The Duchess and the Devil.  I still have to make my corset and bodice before I'm finished.

It'll be my first corset ever made so hopefully all will work out!  I'm having it lace both up the front and the back.  Being asthmatic and if no one else is around if I need to get myself out quickly I'd rather be able to unlace myself through the front.

The two skirt pictures are close ups.  The sun was almost right above me and any attempt to get the pictures from the other angle were futile.  The blue dress is minus it's lace.  Hopefully I should be getting that tomorrow.

Until next time:  Don't be the person your mother warned you about. Make sure her imagination wasn't that creative.

To help out a friend

It is my hope to help a friend named Nancy who is battling MS. Twenty-five percent of all sales from my Etsy shop will be going to help her pay her medical bills. My Etsy shop is

I know money is tight for a great many but any help at all is greatly appreciated. Even some promotion on your FB page, blogs, twitter…carrier pigeon is helpful and appreciated.

Use coupon code CARRIERPIGEON10 through August 1st for 10% off your entire order!

Until next time:  It is illegal to get a fish drunk in Florida.  Really!  It makes one wonder just how would someone get a fish drunk...?

Two adopted kittens that were abandoned

Today I picked up two abandoned kittens. The lady who runs the local coffee shop said she saw someone dump them and take off.

I had to go to the store today to pick up some milk and other odds and ends. With it being close to 100 degrees F and it supposed to be getting to 106 degrees F there was no way I was walking that mile to and back.

I was able to park near the store front and was going to the enterance when I heard something that I first thought was a bizzare bird call. The birds have been most vocal lately in their songs and "chats" with one another. Ignoring it I then heard a second cry and then a third. That caught my attention as it sounded like a kitten.

Turning around I saw part of a kitten body sticking out from under an ice machine.

As I came closer it shrieked again and ducked underneath the machine. I had to get down on my hands and knees to see where it had gone. To my surprise it wasn't one kitten but two!

Sighing I said, "Oh, boy" and tried …
Many thanks go out to Regretsy and the site's members for their help in this difficult time with my mother's leukemia treatment.

I still have lots and lots of items in my shop all waiting for a good home.  :)
Until next time:  Release the...crawdad!

Give Forward and costuming stuff

We are having most unusual weather.  It's raining in June!  It's not just a sprinkle but serious rain!  It still amuses me how people look at me horrified when I say it doesn't always stay sunny in California.

I made a new Regency dress out of fabric that was given to me.  Lately a lot of girls want Regency dresses made out of saris.  I've done a search and sometimes saris can be very expensive.

I was given this fabric when the local fabric shop closed down and went to work.

A custom made version is available in my Etsy shop.
I've also been working on my purple Civil War dress.  I've gotten more progress done but this is the latest point I've taken photos.

Now, sadly, for something a bit more serious.  In May 2009 my mother was diagnosed with accute myeloid leukemia.  This year she got a transplant and the insurance company cut her coverage leaving us holding a 5 grand hospital bill.  …
Sorry about not updating recently.  A case of the stomach flu bug and real life have reared their ugly heads.  Blaaaaaaaaaaaaah....

I do have some works in progress to be posted and shared soon.

Goodbye, little friend

Sadly our little four pound cat Orca has passed on.  She was seventeen when she passed.  We believe she had kidney failure but the only good thing is she died very quickly.

She stopped eating and couldn't even stand up when I told Mom.

I took her to the vet, speeding the entire time as the freeway was empty, willing to risk a ticket for that little cat. Out of hurt Dad admonished me for speeding but thanked me for doing so.

Before we took her into the vet's room she tried sitting up and meowed at me. I scritched her one last time and with tears in my eyes I said it would be okay.

Thankfully she passed on before she could be put to sleep.  We had been really worried about her being frightened when receiving the needle.

Until next time:  I regret nothing I did and would do so again.

Zouave doll dresses

I completed a set of Zouave doll dresses today.

I've got to be honest, at the tender age of 13 when I first saw this style I hated it.  I don't know why but I did.  Now at the ripe age of 28 I saw it again on a doll and fell in love.  Funny how things work out, isn't it?  Crow, anyone?

I immediately went to work and created four OOAK dresses for sale on my Etsy page.

All my pictures were taken inside as it was raining.  Lots and lots of rain here.

Oh, and dear plants:  quit pollinating on the car!!  That is all.

Until Next Time:  Crow always goes best down fresh.  Now pass the ketchup please.

Remembering "The Wizard of Oz"

The Wizard of Oz was my favorite childhood movie. Even at the young age of nine I knew I wanted to dress up as Dorothy Gale for Hallowe’en.

Though my dress was a gingham sun dress with a white blouse I felt beautiful. There was a boy in my class named Matthew who liked to make the girls scream. As I stood in my costume he ran up to me dressed as a highwayman, grabbed my braids, and kissed me. The girls screamed and he ran away disappearing into a crowd of costumed characters.

Wearing my new Dorothy dress reminds me of those days gone by.

Can you guess who this is?
It's Billie Burke!  Isn't she beautiful?  It's hard to believe the woman who played Glinda was fifty-five when she took on the role.
I completed my Wizard of Oz costume yesterday and was able to take pictures today.

Until next time:  Dorothy, lend me your ruby slippers!
This never fails to make me a little teary-eyed.  It makes me think of those I knew who died a long time ago in the war.  I sometimes miss Lackey and Lon....

Vintage flair

I enjoy vintage things and styles.  Throw in antiques and you'll have me screaming hysterically.  That's why it was all the more fun to complete these dresses and petticoat.

My first two dresses are circa 1942 dresses.

This one I affectionately call "the bubble girl dress" because of the print.  I had origially wanted to use actual flour sacks from the era but couldn't find enough to make a dress.  Finding this reprint fabric was a lucky find.
This fabric was a lucky find.  I got the last three yards for $9.
Gone With the Wind has always been one of my favorite movies and I knew I had to have a petticoat.  For safety purposes I chose cotton instead of taffeta.  It took a full six yards of fabric to make this but it turned out great and is surprisingly lightweight.
And yes, the petticoat really is that red.  :D
I am also in ownership of an insane cat.  Really, this cat is insane!  He's the only cat I've ever had who will jump into my arms from the floor.  He&…

Totally unrelated to sewing

I was watching The Simpsons on TV when the news came on that Bin Laden has been killed.  People are outside the White House chanting "USA!"

Until Next Time:  It's rather fitting an American bomb got him, isn't it?

On the to-do list

Ever feel like you have a list that will never end?  Aside from general housework my never ending list is sewing projects.

I have a plastic bin full of uncut fabric that has been labeled for each individual costume.  I have a wooden cedar chest full of odds and ends that I'll do something with eventually.  Maybe doll clothes.

On my to-do list are many historical and movie costumes.

Now on the list is a Mary "French Mary" Tepe like costume.  I know never in a million years will I look anything like her but I decided to create her costume and I can go as a random person.

This one is going to be time consuming and the accessories expensive.  I've looked around and can't really fudge the accessories without it looking cheap or just plain wrong.  I can always save them for other things too.

You can learn more about Mary Tepe here.

Until next time:  Why isn't there more information on the women who fought in the war out t…

Happy Easter to all!

I hope everyone has a good Easter Sunday.

Very quiet and overcast today.  Due to allergies I don't feel much like sewing so I've been playing my game "Civil War:  Secret Missions".

The only complaint I have is the game gets herky jerky from time to time.  Commenting about the graphics being dated as the game was released in 2008 and the characters repeating the same things over and over is nitpicking.

It's a rather entertaining game and you can learn a lot from it.  You play a Confederate soldier and you slowly work your way up the ranks by destroying supplies and defeating the enemy troops.  In a few days I've made it to the Gettysburg level.  That one is going to be a pain to beat.

Until next time:  I shot one of the Yankees four times and he kept on coming!  Four times with a mini ball....yeah.  This only means one thing...the Yankees are experimenting with zombie technology!  The Yankees are coming!  The Yankees are coming!

Swing dress fabric

Yesterday I was able to cut out the fabric for my swing dress.  The fabric on the right is a reproduction of an old flour sack print.

I originally had wanted to go all out with authentic fabric but couldn't because it would be too expensive and people used their things back then.  During the Great Depression nothing went to waste.

If the fabric has an "official" title I don't know what it is.  I've been calling it my "bubble girl dress."  It's like 1940's Lady Gaga....

The bubble girl dress will be short sleeves while the hydrangea print will be 3/4 inch sleeves.  I think I used every scrap of fabric I had to cut out the patterns.

I also need to get two zippers for the closure.  I'm cheating and going with invisible zippers as it takes me multiple times to get it in and done straight.

Huh, I just saw on Yahoo you could even buy a wedding ring at Costco...and now even a casket.  How would this go?  "Okay, we're going to Costco!  Need…

Doll dresses and art!

I was able to get around to completing my doll dresses and uploading them to Etsy.

I broke out my trusty Rebecca American Girl doll and went to photographing.  What look like bizzare horizontal lines is the porch swing out front.  Behind the porch swing is this little garden area that for the life of my parents and myself nothing will grow there!  It's a plot I tell you!  A plot!

Right...moving on....

I made two of these Mary Poppins like doll dresses.  Because of the loose fitting nature of the dresses I imagine they should fit many eightteen inch dolls.  I made two of these.

I also made a little yellow flannel nightgown for a doll.  Ignoring the bulkiness of the fabric when sewing doll clothes it was suprisingly easy to work with.

And finally a similar variation to the yellow nightgown.  This one I made from bright green gingham.

Testing out my new blog

Upon it being suggested I decided to try starting up my own little blog.

This blog shall be kept for my costuming progress and whatever else comes to mind.

You can find me on Etsy here.

And FaceBook here.

Currently I'm plotting on making some 1940's style dresses.  I have my fabric already bought but need to get the other odds and ends for it.